Episode Title One

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  • SOLANA Contemplates life in law school and what it means to “have it all,” while dealing with the ramifications of a relationship recently turned long distance.
  • CARMEN Wraps up a three and a half week theater tour which has forced her to confront the reality of life as a woman of color in a predominately white arts industry.
  • MAYA Outs herself as a late bloomer and explores her vision of dating post-divorce.
  • TAMAR Reminisces over the painful process of coming out to her family and finds healing within an unexpected place… herself.
  • ZORA Comes to terms with her chronic illness and begins plotting a path towards re-inventing her life and re-starting her career.


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Jaine’s Daughters are sharing their truths. Join the conversation and share yours! Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Which JD do you identify with most? Why? What would you (or, did you) do in her situation?

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