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  • SOLANA Grapples with the accounting class from hell and a confusing relationship with her long distance boo at the same time as her sexy ex- moves back to the Windy City.
  • CARMEN Tackles one of the biggest questions a twenty-something (ok, honestly, an any-something) can ask herself: Who AM I? and comes up somewhat lacking in answers.
  • MAYABalances a surging tide of monthly hormones amidst a government shutdown fueled job-crisis and the resurfacing of painful childhood memories.
  • TAMAR Reflects on a journey that started with applying to Public Health programs and ending up with pursuing a Masters in Divinity. Yea, totally, not the same thing.
  • ZORA Takes her grandfather’s advice and sets off to “find a tree,” and her truth – not an easy task in the middle of the desert.


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