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  • SOLANA discovers a love or running and the positive effects (i.e. massive weight loss) it has helped her achieve but wonders if she will ever be able to love her body as is, no strings attached..
  • CARMEN is tempted by the return of her ex, and not just any ex – the off-and-on boo she’s been in love with for almost 10 years!
  • MAYA – has a school girl crush on a sexy former athlete and discovers that love and life can actually be fun.
  • TAMAR’s insecurities flare up during a heated conversation with her partner.
  • ZORA connects with her “inner child” and takes some well deserved time for herself.


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Jaine’s Daughters are sharing their truths. Join the conversation and share yours! Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Which JD do you identify with most? Why? What would you (or, did you) do in her situation?

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