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  • SOLANA envisions life as a superhero. Her superpower? Probably something to do with wine consumption.
  • CARMEN is reminded of the gift of “now” as she deals with the passing of a friend and fellow artist.
  • MAYA – gives herself the gift of indulging in small pleasures in order to ease the stress of an intense work deadline.
  • TAMAR – celebrates her 26th birthday and the theme of “growth” that seems to come along with it.
  • ZORA meets an unexpected sistafriend – a rare site in her part of the country – that turns her normally uneventful commute to the doctor’s office into something all together more memorable.


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Jaine’s Daughters are sharing their truths. Join the conversation and share yours! Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Which JD do you identify with most? Why? What would you (or, did you) do in her situation?

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