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  • SOLANA comes to terms with the end of her relationship with N, her fear of being mediocre, and her expectations for 2014.
  • CARMEN admits her biggest failing of 2013 and sets a new intention for 2014.
  • MAYA says a final goodbye to her ex-husband
  • TAMAR – opens up about the impact that grad school, a not-so-great coming out process, and financial hardship has had on her relationship
  • ZORA drops some knowledge regarding the African belief of “the three existences” and what this means for purpose driven women of color today.

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Don’t forget to tune in to Part II of the Season Finale!

No homework this week other than to check out Part II of the Season Finale. It will be a very special episode where I’ll be chatting with the JD’s live! They’ll be answering questions YOU submitted about things that happened this season. You don’t want to miss it!page transition grey

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