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Not everyone is (or is meant to be!) Olivia Pope, Michelle Obama, or Beyoncé.

But feeling the pressure to be (um, thanks a lot, Facebook) has given most of us an effed up perspective on modern womanhood and about a million and one insecurity complexes.

Time for a reality check – and not the kind you get from watching BET or Bravo!

Janie’s Daughters is a podcastumentary that follows the adventures and antics of five women of color in different stages of life, as they navigate the daily challenges of marriage, career, sex, family, faith, and everything in between.

We’re in desperate need of breaking the silence around what it really means to be a kick ass (but dammit, still figuring stuff out) twenty-, thirty-, forty-, and even fifty-something year old colored girl. That’s what Janie’s Daughters aims to do.

We’re redefining what it means to be a kick ass woman of color in 2013, and we’re having a damn good time while we’re going it. Join us!