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JD challenge smallImagine closing out 2013 amidst an awesome tribe “your people” while immersing yourself in some epic vision boarding/personal reflecting/baggage unpacking. Imagine having a supportive crew of new friends and soul sisters to reflect on this year’s successes and sorrows. Imagine some loving accountability and camaraderie as you close out this year and begin anew in 2014.

Imagine honest conversation. And inside jokes. And a glass (or two!) of your favorite adult beverage. Now combine that with three months of group coaching, storytelling, come-to-Jesus-meetings (that’s what my mamma called it when she felt we needed a “talking to”), and generally transformative awesome… and you’ve got the Janie’s Daughters End of Year Challenge.



About Janie’s Daughters:

Janie’s Daughters is a podcastumentary that follows five women of color in different stages of life, as they navigate the ins and outs of their personal lives, their love lives, their sex lives, and their careers.

No “real” housewives, basketball wives, or gladiators in suits, here! Just five brave women and three honest months of everything from newly-divorced dating adventures, to epic road trips, to career reinvention, to conversations with their mammas.

Why? Because not everyone is (or is meant to be!) Olivia Pope, Michelle Obama, or Beyoncé. And because feeling the pressure to be (thanks a lot, Facebook) has given us an effed up perspective on modern womanhood and about a million and one insecurity complexes.

I call bullshit.

We’re in desperate need of breaking the silence around what it really means to be a kick ass (but dammit, still figuring stuff off) twenty-, thirty-, forty-, and even fifty-something year old colored girl. That’s what Janie’s Daughters aims to do.

About the Janie’s Daughters challenge:

So! What does one do with five women, three months, and a whole lot of epic honesty? So glad you asked!

Janie’s Daughters isn’t meant for passive consumption. It is, instead, a weekly invitation to gather ‘round and talk about the stuff impacting our lives and our communities and to share our own stories of 2013’s triumphs and sorrows.

In a nutshell: There will be lots of laughter and bonding and transforming. And storytelling. And weekly homework assignments. And wine. (Because, well, duh.)


Is the Janie’s Daughter end of the year challenge for you?

The Janie’s Daughters journey has your name written all over it if:

  • This year has been a freaking emotional roller coaster and you’re looking to wrap up 2013 and get ready for 2014 in a fun, authentic, and joyful way.
  • …But first, you’re desperately in need of some low key processing time (and guidance) and some awesome folks to do it with.
  • You are in the midst a major transition: graduation, big breakup, new marriage, being laid off, kids on the way, kids leaving the nest, or just an extreme desire to reinvent yourself or your life.
  • You’re craving a like-minded tribe of sisters – women who get you and lovingly challenge you to confront your desires and your fears and overcome your roadblocks.


What does the challenge involve?

(Other than a small tribe of new friends and three months of honesty and awesomeness?) When you sign up to participate, here’s what you’re signing up for:

  • Weekly podcasts. You’ll be notified each week when a new episode of Janie’s Daughter airs. Imagine a weekly, thirty-minute chat with an inter-generational crew of new besties catching you up on recent success and struggles. Add in a snuggie and you’re favorite adult beverage and you have the Janie’s Daughters experience in a nutshell.
  • Corresponding challenges and homework. You’ll receive guided reflections on each week’s episode plus weekly homework assignments on a variety of subjects, like deepening authenticity, thriving organically, peaceful relationships and parenting, radical self-care and self-love, conscious business building, and more.
  • A secret facebook group. You’ll have access to a private, sacred, and safe space full of like-minded women waiting to connect with and support you.

You will need to subscribe to my blog Colored Girl Confidential (below) so you can be notified of each weekly episode and assignment. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, follow CGC to get updates there, too.

Three months of free coaching, conversation, and community? Yes please!



How to participate:

Once you’re all signed up to receive your weekly goodies (you have signed up, haven’t you?!), here are a couple ways to participate:

  • Follow along with the weekly episode of Janie’s Daughters and then post your reflections and homework assignments in the comment section for each episode.
  • Comment on the posts written by the other challenge participants – be sure to leave your own insights, suggestions and tips on the topics covered and share with us what you’re learning
  • Post your updates and learnings on Twitter using the hashtag #janiesdaughters (and follow me @cgconfidential)
  • Request and invitation to the Janie’s Daughters private Facebook community and comment on each assignment within the Facebook platform

Note: If you decide to blog along, tag your posts with the tag “janiesdaughters” to make them easier to share with us.


What do you say? Are you ‘bout this life?!?!

Just add your name, blog link, and Twitter handle if you have one in the comments section of this post by midnight Monday, October14 and you will be added to the list of participants. I will publish a list of participating bloggers and tweeters so that we can keep tabs on each other’s progress throughout the month.

On Tuesday, October15, the first episode of Janie’s Daughters will air (along with your first homework “assignment”) and we’ll get started!

For best results (i.e. more accountability), participate with a friend. There are a couple ways to recruit an accountability partner. Once you’re all signed up for the #JaniesDaughters challenge,

  • Tweet it!
    • Signed up for #janiesdaughters, @cgconfidential’s end of the yr challenge 4 kick ass colored girls. Join me!
    • I’m doing #janiesdaughters, @cgconfidential’s end of the yr challenge for fierce colored girls. Accountability partner?
    • RT @cgconfidential I’m about this #JaniesDaughters life and need an accountability partner! You in?
  • Facebook it!
    • I just signed up for Colored Girl Confidential’s #JaniesDaughters challenge, an end of the year challenge and a tribe of kick ass colored girls. Join me! (Trust, you won’t regret it!)
    • I just signed up for Colored Girl Confidential’s #JaniesDaughters end of the year challenge. If 2013 has been an emotional roller coaster and you’re looking to wrap up the year and get ready for 2014 in a fun, authentic, and joyful way, you should join me.
    • (type an @ symbol before typing Colored Girl Confidential to tag us in your post)
  • Share this post with a friend who you think might be up for the challenge.


P.S. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog Colored Girl Confidential so you can be notified of each of weekly episode and assignment. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, follow #JaniesDaughters to get updates there, too.




Leave your name, blog link, and twitter handle here. Welcome to the challenge!